Getting Inspired for Audra’s Nursery

Please enjoy this round up of beautiful nurseries I've found online. Please see the link to the site I found the image from in the captions below the image.

Color Palettes

So here it goes, I've decided to let Erik design Audra's nursery. I'm giving him several palette ideas to go off of and then letting him take over from there. I will provide help when he asks, but truly, this should be his special thing. I've hijacked the baby stuff since day one and letting… Continue reading Color Palettes

Nesting Challenge- A Place for Audra

Take a look at that cute little room! Sure, this is only the listing photo of her bedroom, but we have lots of hope that this will become a cute little nursery. Erik and I have gone back and forth with ideas for her room. We've settled on an idea to create a feminine room… Continue reading Nesting Challenge- A Place for Audra

One Week Married- New Life Begins

It's been two weeks since he popped the question in the home we are about to move into. It's been almost one week since we exchanged our vows. I guess we can call it a shotgun wedding, but this wedding has been long overdue. We've been together for nearly four years. I am now 7… Continue reading One Week Married- New Life Begins