My name is Stacia! I’m a wife, mother-to be and a giant work in progress! I am the voice behind Built on the Good and hope to build this blog to help other women juggling their responsibilities with their relationship, their kids and most importantly…themselves.

I believe it’s so important to treat yourself well so that you can keep up the energy to love and devote yourself to family the way that you intend to. How? You’ve got to love yourself too! Oftentimes we throw ourselves on the bottom of the priority list behind work, family and typical adult responsibilities. You should share the top spot with your family. No more martyrdom.

I am a free spirit, easily bored and always looking to improve the life I live and the one I’m about to try to raise a family in. It’s my hope to use this blog to keep me honest, share my difficulties, my triumphs and twist it all into a fun and enjoyable blog.