One Week Married- New Life Begins

My cute little ring! Perfect for my outdoor adventures!

It’s been two weeks since he popped the question in the home we are about to move into. It’s been almost one week since we exchanged our vows. I guess we can call it a shotgun wedding, but this wedding has been long overdue. We’ve been together for nearly four years. I am now 7 1/2 months pregnant with our baby girl “Audra”. Starting a family was our priority and we never anticipated on getting pregnant quite so quickly.

Audra- Expected arrival June 12th, 2017!

However, we’ve been blessed quickly with this little girl and we’ve been busy preparing for her arrival. Getting engaged, getting hitched and getting our first home kind of fell on the back burner. Until things kind of lit on fire with Erik and I.

In the span of two and half months I will be a wife, a home owner and a mother. Right now, Erik is at work and I should be stuffing totes in preparation for our move. The closing date in April 19th. You heard it, we have 11 days to get our junk from this house we’ve been renting into our new little home.

My due date? June 12th.

Woooooooo boy, are we excited, nervous and racing! I keep joking that we won’t have any more milestones left besides to take a vacation and to raise our little one. I suppose we won’t be bored with a little one, a new house and a fresh marriage to get 2017 solidified as our life changing year.


Do things feel different now that I’m married to Erik? Yes, actually, they do. When you stand in front of loved ones and listen to the man you love tell you exactly how he feels it does change how you see him. With those vows you hear exactly what matters to him and what he feels you need from him. Looking him in the eyes and telling him all the reasons I will continue to love him solidifies what was already there: A whole lotta love and respect.

We’ve been more affectionate and appreciative with each other since getting married on Sunday. There is no more question as to whether he’s committed or not to me and the baby. Marriage kind of feels like a big safety blanket that rests over both of us. I mean, we knew we were in it for the long haul, but now that we’re married we know now that there is a promise to continue strengthening our relationship.

I decided to begin a blog in hopes to share our imperfections, our triumphs, the beauty that we experience by being newly weds, new home owners and most importantly…new parents. We are partners and I look forward to growing with my marriage’s support. I hope that readers can engage with me, grow alongside me and we can cheer each other on.

Sending all of my love to you this Saturday morning…




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