Nesting Challenge- A Place for Audra

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Take a look at that cute little room! Sure, this is only the listing photo of her bedroom, but we have lots of hope that this will become a cute little nursery.

Erik and I have gone back and forth with ideas for her room. We’ve settled on an idea to create a feminine room that is comfortable for both her and I to hang out in. It’s important to us that she has a space for reading and another space for crafts, homework and playing. We just want this to be her perfect little space to grow up in.

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The problem is this: We’ve lived like college kids with mix and match furniture. Our idea of decorating is lighting a candle. We’re really trying to grow up and create this into a beautiful little home. No more living like we’re unable to pick out a set of curtains. (We haven’t tried…)

This is the most important room for us to get together. Audra will be here in about 65 days. Hubby is in charge of painting this room before I even set foot into the house. We just have to decide on a color and basic idea. Then…it’s on him to decorate the walls however he wants.

I’m setting small challenges for us to achieve so we can have the room ready for her before she gets here.

  1. Pick a paint color
  2. Set “zones” for her room: Sleep, play, read and diapering
  3. Find a beautiful way to spell out her name in her room.


Clearly we have way more to do than just that, but once we achieve a little goal I will replace it with another to get us closer and closer to a sweet little nursery.

Wish us luck!

With love,


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